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Pediatric Foot Care

Kelly L. Geoghan, DPM -  - Podiatrist

Kelly L. Geoghan, DPM

Board-Certified Podiatrist & Heel Pain Specialist located in Baltimore, MD

Just like adults, children can experience some serious foot issues from time to time. Often, these problems are especially pronounced during growth spurts, but foot problems can appear at any age. Kelly L. Geoghan, DPM, offers expert diagnosis and pediatric foot care for Sever’s disease, ingrown toenails, in-toeing, flat feet, and other issues at her Baltimore, Maryland, office. For expert pediatric foot care, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Pediatric Foot Care Q & A

What is pediatric foot care?

Pediatric foot care is podiatry care that specializes in the needs of children from birth through adulthood. Just like adults, children sometimes have problems with foot and ankle health and function, and pediatric foot care covers all those needs using a kid-friendly approach. 

Dr. Geoghan has extensive experience working with children of all ages and her caring, gentle approach makes her a favorite with her many young patients. 

What does pediatric foot care include?

Pediatric foot care with Dr. Geoghan includes comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care for any and all foot care problems that your child may encounter as they grow up. 

Children can develop a variety of foot issues as early as birth. As they grow into toddlerhood and then into the active school years, your child could develop problems such as:

  • Ingrown toenails: toenails that break into the skin
  • Sever's disease: growth plate injury in the lower heel
  • Flat feet: lack of foot arch
  • In-toeing: toes turn toward each other 
  • Out-toeing: feet splayed outward
  • Athlete's foot: fungal infection of the feet, often between toes
  • Fungal nails: fungal infection of the toenails
  • Sports injuries: any foot or ankle damage during athletic activities


Whatever the problem or concern, Dr. Geoghan can diagnose and effectively manage all of your child's foot and ankle needs throughout their life. 

When does my child need pediatric foot care?

Some foot issues are obvious, like severe heel pain. But in other cases, you need to observe your child's feet and ankles closely to spot emerging issues. If your child shows any of the following symptoms, it's time to see Dr. Geoghan:

  • Doesn't start walking around the expected age
  • Hasn't developed foot arches by school age
  • Difficulty with balance, which may include frequent falls
  • Poor lower limb range of motion
  • Slow-healing foot wounds
  • Pronounced swelling, redness, or deformity of feet or ankles
  • Complaints of foot, ankle, leg, or back pain 
  • Complaints of frequent foot or leg numbness or tingling
  • Change in toenail appearance
  • Raw, red, or irritated skin between toes or elsewhere on feet


If your child has other foot and ankle symptoms, don't hesitate to see Dr. Geoghan so she can get to the bottom of the problem and prescribe the treatment your child needs. 

Dr. Geoghan offers custom orthotics, gentle hands-on care, and all the specialized treatments your child needs. Book an appointment online or call the office of Kelly L. Geoghan, DPM, today.